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High-Quality Natural Pharmaceutical Solutions
High-Quality Natural Pharmaceutical Solutions
In the more than 150 years of its existence, Dr. Willmar Schwabe achieved a leading position worldwide in the development and manufacture of herbal medicines. With regard to efficacy and tolerance, our approved herbal medicinal products, which are also called phytopharmaceuticals, must meet the same requirements as those required by chemically synthetic medicinal products.
A phytopharmaceutical contains a plant extract that makes the effect. In the case of herbal medicinal products, the quality of the extract plays an outstanding role in the mode of action and the quality of the medication. The high quality of our special extracts and the scientific documentation of our preparations are crucial for Dr. Willmar Schwabe is the global expert in phytopharmaceuticals.

Mental Health

Diminished Mental Performance
The development of modern society has brought wealth and has made our life easier in many ways. But it has also changed the way people live. These changes have resulted in a number of challenges for mental health, such as stress, anxiety and age-related memory problems.

Over the past decades, the Schwabe Group has committed itself to developing efficacious and safe solutions for mental health and to backing these solutions with research.
Herbal Medicinal Products
Tebonin Forte


Medication for Mental Health
Tebonin® has a positive effect on mental performance and general well-being. It promotes blood circulation which is critical for maintaining good health.


Vitango® is a novel, natural product with a unique dual action on the mental and physical elements of tension. It provides both composure and energy to better cope with tension.
Non-sedative and Non-addictive

Cough & Cold

Medicine for Coughs
Because of their high incidence, respiratory tract infections are among the most important human health problems. The majority of respiratory infections are confined to the upper respiratory tract and most of these are simple coughs or colds. Although these infections are usually not dangerous, and a doctor is rarely consulted, people suffer on average for 7-10 days, while having limitations in managing their daily lives.

The Schwabe Group is passionately dedicated to support people’s sustainable health by delivering natural and high-quality solutions for cough & cold infections, which are also safe for self-medication.
Non-drowsy Medication for Cough and Cold Symptoms


Pelargonium Sidoides
Kaloba® is a sugar-free, colouring-free, non-drowsy formula that may be beneficial for the relief of cough and cold symptoms in adults and children 1 year and above*. It relieves the symptoms through its ability to support the body’s immune system against the infection.

Other Products


Prostakan® is used for promoting prostate health and maintaining proper urinary flow in men. More than half the men in their sixties, and as many as 90 percent in their seventies and eighties have some urinary complaints including frequent sudden urge to urinate and the need to urinate at night.
Prostate Health Singapore
Relief Blood Flow in Legs


legs Veins and Capillaries Medication
Tired, aching legs are due to long periods of inactivity. It happens when standing or sitting in the same position for a long time. The leg muscles do not contract sufficiently to ensure good blood flow.